Luminous Solar PV Panel 60W/12V

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Key Feature's Of Luminous Solar PV Panel 60W/12V Panel Type:- Polycrystalline Cells type PanelCapacity:- 60W, 12VVoltage:- Voltage at Max Power (Vmax) - 18V, Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) - 22VCurrent:- Current at Max Power (imax) - 3.34A, Short Circuit Current (isc) - 3.64AWarranty:- 25 years performance warranty.   Description If you are looking for the 12v 60w solar...
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Key Feature's Of Luminous Solar PV Panel 60W/12V

Panel Type:- Polycrystalline Cells type Panel
Capacity:- 60W, 12V
Voltage:- Voltage at Max Power (Vmax) - 18V, Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) - 22V
Current:- Current at Max Power (imax) - 3.34A, Short Circuit Current (isc) - 3.64A
Warranty:- 25 years performance warranty.



If you are looking for the 12v 60w solar photo voltaic panel then the Luminous Solar PV Panel 60W/12V will be a Greate choice for you. Unlike other brands, Luminous is known for making high-end inverters, batteries, Solar system, Online UPS,  and Home UPS  that are durable and extremely practical.  The Luminous  Solar PV Panel 60W/12V is a premium quality Panel from Luminous. Glazeimpex is a well-known e-commerce platform for a qualitative range of Solar system, Online UPS, Home UPS, Inverter, Battery. The entire Luminous Panel 60W/12V solar panel is manufactured using quality-assured material and advanced techniques, making them rise to the standard in this challenging field.

A typical 60-watt solar panel generates direct current electricity between approximately 12 and 18 volts; According to Ohm's law for electrical power, 60 watts divided by 18 volts gives you 3 amps of current.

Luminous offers a range of monocrystalline and polycrystalline photovoltaic modules. Our panel complies with the IEC standard and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Excellent Low-light performance - The use of high-quality glass and solar cell surface coating enables excellent performance even in low light conditions on cloudy days, mornings, and nights.

Advance EVA Encapsulation - EVA ‚(ethyl vinyl acetate) ulated encapsulated सामग्री materials used. They are inserted between the solar cells and the top surface and the back surface for protection. The luminous solar panel comes with multilayer encapsulation which provides better protection of the module.

Severe Weather Resilience - The luminous solar panel offers high resistance to torsion against wind and snow loads. They are waterproof and resistant to corrosion.

Best in Class Efficiency - Best-in-class module conversion potency through advanced innovative cellular technology. This ensures the best solar energy generation that gives smart prices for cash.

PID resistance Technology - PID stands for Potential Induced Degradation. Caused by ‚erratic currents caused by certain weather conditions; The phenomenon can cause substantial power loss, but with PID resistor technology, luminous solar panels do not display PID.


Here's Why Will You Like This?

  • Polycrystalline Cells type Panel
  • Advanced EVA encapsulation to give better protection to modules
  • Best in Class conversion efficiency
  • Anti-reflective coating for more light absorption
  • Optically, mechanically and electrically tested
  • High strength Aluminium frame design to offer high torsion resistance
  • Compliance to IEC standards"
  • 25 years performance warranty.


Product Specification

Model LUM 1260
Wattage (Wp) 60 Wp
Panel Type PolyCrystalline
Warranty 60 months
Solar Panel Dimension (L*B*T) cm 63.5*67.0*3.4 CM
Net weight (kg.) 5.2 kg
Short Circuit Currrent, Isc (A) 3.64 A
Maximum Power Voltage Vmp (V) 18 V
Open Circuit Voltage, Voc (V) 22 V
Maximum Power Current , Imp (A) 3.34 A
Contents of Pack 1 Solar Panel, 1 Warranty Card


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