We at Glaze Impex Private Limited, train our team to provide all possible support to our existing as well as newly joined clients. Our job doesn’t end till the delivery of the product but we provide complete support after the product is used by the customer. We believe in long term association and take customer satisfaction as the key to our success.

Our support services include:

Product buying support: Our team helps customers by answering questions, queries regarding our solar products and provide knowledge regarding high utility bills, fluctuating fuel cost and global warming.

Sales Support: Our technical individual provide complete knowledge regarding product specifications, and make sure that we build trust in our customer before-hand. Our experts tailor the products according to customers’ requirement and show real expertise on the products to make customer user friendly about the products usage.

Social Media Support: We are active on all social media channels such as facebook, instagram, twitter etc. to support and help you via internet.

Live support: We provide live support for successful installation of Solar system, UPS and Servo stabilizer installation on Skype and whatsApp to avoid any problem at your end. You can also seek our assistance by email, live chat and phone for immediate response.

Interactive walkthrough support: We create step-by-step guidance system that allows users perform any task related the purchased solar product to reduce any confusion and help customers understand better.  

Onsite Support: Glaze Impex Private Limited offers comprehensive on-site support all over India. We ensure our customers that the on-site support helps consumers face any problem they encounter, whether remotely or on-site visit.

Get profit from your roof space, find product deals, eliminate your power bill and join the solar revolution and go green with us.

We are here to help you get the maximum out of product bought, offering the tools and resources to show you how.

For more detail on support services feel free to contact us on

Mobile: +91-8092919595

WhatsApp: +91-8092919595

Skype ID: glazeimpex.com

Email: support@glazeimpex.com