Luminous 3.5KVA Solarverter Pro 48V with LPP12150H 150Ah 72*Month Warranty and 550W 24V mono Perc HalfCut Solar Panel

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Product description

The Luminous 3.5KVA Solarverter Pro, coupled with the LPP12150H 150Ah battery and a cutting-edge 550W 24V mono Perc HalfCut Solar Panel, represents a state-of-the-art solar power solution. Designed to provide reliable and efficient energy independence, this system seamlessly integrates advanced technology for optimum performance.

The 3.5KVA Solarverter Pro serves as the heart of the system, boasting a robust 3.5KVA capacity, ensuring a stable and continuous power supply. With intelligent features and a sleek design, it offers seamless integration with the LPP12150H 150Ah battery, known for its durability and longevity. The battery comes with an impressive 72-month warranty, ensuring peace of mind and long-term reliability.

To harness solar energy efficiently, the system incorporates a high-performance 550W 24V mono Perc HalfCut Solar Panel. This cutting-edge panel utilizes advanced photovoltaic technology, enhancing energy conversion and overall system efficiency. The HalfCut design reduces energy losses, making it a powerful and sustainable choice for renewable energy enthusiasts.

With the Luminous 3.5KVA Solarverter Pro, LPP12150H 150Ah battery, and 550W 24V mono Perc HalfCut Solar Panel working in harmony, users can enjoy a reliable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solar power solution. Whether for residential or commercial applications, this system represents a forward-looking approach to sustainable energy consumption.sola

  • MPPT Technology: Incorporates advanced MPPT technology, which continuously optimizes the operating point of connected solar panels to ensure maximum power extraction from the available sunlight. This dynamic adjustment enhances energy efficiency by maintaining the panels at their peak power point.


  • Ample Inverter Capacity: The 3.5KVA Solarverter Pro offers a substantial power capacity, ensuring a consistent and dependable power supply for a variety of electronic devices and appliances.

  • Durable Energy Storage: The LPP12150H 150Ah battery is engineered for robustness and longevity, serving as a dependable storage solution for energy. The noteworthy 72-month warranty adds an extra layer of confidence for users.

  • Cutting-edge Solar Panel Technology: The 550W 24V mono Perc HalfCut Solar Panel employs advanced photovoltaic technology, maximizing the conversion of sunlight into energy with high efficiency. The innovative HalfCut design minimizes energy losses, enhancing the overall performance of the system.

  • Smooth Integration: The components are designed for seamless integration, ensuring a coherent and efficient solar power system. This promotes optimal performance and reliability.

  • Smart Inverter Functionality: The Solarverter Pro incorporates intelligent features for effective energy management, enabling users to effortlessly monitor and control their solar power system.

  • Modern and Stylish Design: Both the inverter and solar panel feature a contemporary aesthetic, making them suitable for installations in both residential and commercial settings.

  • Energy Autonomy: The system encourages energy independence by harnessing solar power, reducing dependence on conventional grid electricity and minimizing environmental impact.

  • Environmentally Conscious: The utilization of solar power aligns with a commitment to clean and sustainable energy sources, contributing to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

  • Adaptability: Suited for a diverse range of applications, from residential homes to commercial establishments, offering flexibility to meet various energy requirements.

  • Reassurance: The combination of premium components and extensive warranty coverage provides users with assurance, ensuring a dependable and enduring solar power solution

3.5KVA Solarverter Pro Technical Specifications
  • Physical Dimensions: 43.3 cm x 52.3 cm x 59.0 cm

Power Capacity:

  • VA Rating: 3.5 KVA

Battery Configuration:

  • Number of Batteries Supported: 4


  • Net Weight: 47.5 Kg

Solar Panel Compatibility:

  • Maximum Panel Capacity: 3500 Wp

Battery Bank:

  • Nominal Battery Bank Voltage: 48 V

Product Type:

  • Product Category: PCU (Power Conditioning Unit)

Input Power Range:

  • Input Voltage Range: 130 V - 220 V

Key Features:

  • Smart Solar Optimization
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • User-friendly LCD Display


  • Warranty Period: 24 Months
550W Mono Perc Halfcut Technical Specification
    • Physical Size: 227.9 cm in length, 113.4 cm in width, and 3.5 cm in thickness.


    • Net Weight: 29 Kg

    Power Output:

    • Wattage: 550 W

    Recommended Applications:

    • Suitable for use in Commercial Applications, Homes, and Small Shops.

    Panel Type:

    • Type of Panel: Mono PERC Half Cut

    Electrical Characteristics:

    • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 49.80 V
    • Short Circuit Current (Isc): 13.98 A
    • Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp): 41.95 V
    • Maximum Power Current (Imp): 13.12 A


    • Warranty Duration: 144 Months
    LPTT12150H Technical Specifications

      Luminous Solar Batteries are special deep cycle batteries with a C10 rating, meaning they're designed for longer backup times. These batteries are super easy to maintain, requiring water top-ups only every 8 to 10 months. They are built to last a really long time and can go through many charging and discharging cycles. Even in high temperatures and extreme weather conditions, these batteries perform well, ensuring reliable power for your solar energy needs.

      • Long Design Life: The batteries are designed to last for a significant period, implying a prolonged operational lifespan.

      • Cycles (1500 @ 80% DOD, 5000 @ 20% DOD):

        • Cycles: A cycle refers to a full charge followed by a full discharge.
        • 1500 @ 80% DOD: The batteries can handle a considerable number of cycles (charging and discharging events) when discharged to 80% of their full capacity.
        • 5000 @ 20% DOD: Similarly, they can endure a substantial number of cycles when discharged to only 20% of their full capacity.

      In simpler terms, these batteries are constructed to withstand a large number of charging and discharging cycles, indicating robust durability and suitability for long-term use in solar energy systems.

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