Best luminous Combo set Zelio 1100 Inverter with 200ah RC25000 battery Tall Tubular

Luminous Zelio Smart 1100 Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Red Charge RC25000 200Ah Tall Tubular Battery 36*Month Warranty

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Product description

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Luminous Combo set Zelio smart 1100 Inverter with 200Ah RC25000 Tall Tubular Battery

Key Features 

Zelio smart 1100 Home UPS- 

  • Inverter Types: Sine Wave technology with Digital Display. Capacity  900VA, Rated Power   756W
  • Battery Supports Single Battery.  ECO & UPS mode
  • Battery Types: TUBULAR, FLAT PLATE, SMF, VRLA & LOCAL Battery
  • LED Display:  The status of Power back-up /battery charging time in Hours and Minute
  • Recommended Battery Capacity: 120Ah - 220A
  • Charging: High charging current even at low input voltage 100V
  • Protection: Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Reverse polarity & Input mains protection through MCB.
  • Processor: Built with. advanced PCB programming; Extra load handling capacity
  • Warranty: 2 years on manufacturing defects. For any product-related information, contact us at +91- 8092919595


200Ah Rc 25000 battery Tubular Battery-

  • Battery Types: Tall Tubular Battery, Capacity: 200Ah (12V)
  • Recommended Inverter Capacity:  Minimum 850VA
  • Charging: Fast charging, Longer backup
  • Warranty: Warranty: 18 + 18*M = 36*Months, for more information contact us at +91- 8092919595



If you are looking for a luminous zelio 1100 with 200ah battery, then the best luminous combo set zelio 1100 Inverter with 200ah battery Tall Tubular will be an excellent choice for you. Unlike other brands, Luminous is known for making high-end inverters and batteries that are durable and extremely practical.

Zelio+ 1100 Home - Luminous zelio home ups is the smartest home ups in India with features such as display of power backup time in hours and minutes, smooth maintenance of battery water level, mcb protection, and is equipped with a bypass switch that continues supplying network output even in the event of home failure. No. of compatible batteries (12V): 1; Maximum charge current (in amps): 15; Work appliances: fans, laptops, LED TVs, lights, shredder, personal computers, refrigerator;

Protections: Deep discharge, MCB, Overload, Short circuit; Other features: digital display, fast charge, easy UPS bypass, MCB protection. The recommended operating load should be 75% of The maximum load. Check the nominal power consumption of your appliances before selecting the home UPS.

The economical range of high-performance tubular UPS batteries, made from robust tube sheets. These batteries require minimal maintenance and withstand long and frequent power outages.

200ah battery Tall Tubular- Both batteries have a capacity of 200Ah, which means that both batteries have a charge of 200 * 3600 = 720,000C stored in them. The energy stored in a battery is given by Q times V. So a 12 V battery has 720,000C * 12v = 8,640,000 W of energy stored in it. ... When you connect two identical batteries in series, their output voltage doubles.

Here Why Will You Like this?

Zelio+ 1100 Home UPS- 

  • Sine Wave technology 
  • LED Display
  • All Battery Support
  • Warranty 2 years 


200Ah Rc 25000 battery 

  • Tall Tubular Battery,
  • Fast charging & Longer backup
  • Warranty: 18 + 18*M = 36*Months,


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